Elevator Project

Elevator Introduction


◎ Field Programmable Gate Array

Following the gradual increase in elevator capabilities, electrical circuit equipment is increasingly complex and changing and traditional logic components are hard to maintain. Yungtay has pushed forward a new high tech technology called the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Its use increases control speed, security, and can be repeatedly maintained. It saves electricity and is built on an environmentally friendly basis.

◎ DSP-32 Digital Signal Processor

The 21st century is the era of digital communications, and Yungtay has taken the lead in combining digital technology with elevator technology. Using the Digital Signal Processor allows traditional signals to be processed at a high digital speed. Its interior operations utilize high speed repetitive operational circuits, whose operating speed is 10 times faster than a normal processor.

◎ Anticipatory Door Opening Feature

On the question of standard elevator speed operations, how can elevator transport efficiency be speeded up? Yungtay’s elevators exclusively use an anticipatory door opening feature that shortens passenger in-elevator time. Before the elevator has come to a resting stop, the doors have begun preparatory opening functions.

◎ Internet Enabled

Starting with the idea of an internet framework, and drastically reducing traditional connection problems allows elevators to escape the restrictions of electrical cables and enter the unlimited internet arena. Between the control panel, the elevator cage, and the side panel is a highly safe connection, and its transport, precision, and direction make it the ideal messenger. Internet capability has huge expansion abilities, and in work areas with existing internet capabilities it will become an easy and sought after capability.

◎ Homonization

To eliminate people’s apprehension and fear of machines, Yungtay strives for product homonization.

*In the carriage and at the boarding areas, large red indicator lights show elevator operation and direction. The boarding area exclusively utilizes elevator call buttons with response, which emit a soft beep when pressed, helping riders know the signal has been received.

*Chinese is used to indicate elevator condition, such as undergoing maintenance, in use, fully loaded, etc. In the event that elevator problems occur, a message showing that the problem has been phoned in will be shown.

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