Renewal Benefit


◎ Why Should Elevators Be Replaced?

-After 15 years of use, elevators are past usable age. Voltage equipment becomes inferior, and safety concerns arise. (According to the government’s December 1997 industry report on long term product usage, elevator usage life should be limited to 15 years.)

-As elevator parts become old, the exterior appearance suffers. As appearance suffers, the entire area is less beautiful.

-Startup and stops have too many vibrations, leaving riders feeling uncomfortable.

-At stops, the levelness with the floor suffers, and falls can happen if care is not taken.

-Most spare parts are no longer in production, making repairs difficult. Stoppages increase, and repairs may take days.

-A high level of electricity is wasted, and operational efficiency is low. Early products lack frequency modulation.

-Features fall below modern standards. Modern society seeks new equipment and features.

-The upgrade is done in stages. The steel structure is kept, and the cost is reduced to the minimum.

-The upgrade does not damage the front decoration. The floor does not need repairs. The amount of dust is low.

-The construction period is the shortest and has the least impact on the building operation (hotel operation).

-The construction produces little waste and noise, and does not disturb the users (occupants, tenants).

◎ Benefits of Renovating Elevators:

-Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

Switching to our variable-voltage/variable-frequency (VVVF) control system saves power by 30% and more.

-Improved Ride Experiences

The elevators travel more smoothly and quietly. The position of car parking is more precise and level.

-Enhanced Stability

The upgraded control system and the renewed wires significantly decrease the failure rate while increasing reliability.

-Aesthetic Appeal

The new operation button panel looks more modern, beautifying your home even more.

-Year-round Protection

We have the direct call system for you to choose, providing 24/7 emergency rescue service.

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