Elevator Project

Elevator Introduction


◎ Multi-computer and Digital Controlled VVVF Freight Lift

Yungtay freight lift adopts advanced technology of lift engineering technology and microcomputer controlling. By varying voltage and varying frequency. A new generation freight lift of power-savingand smooth,i.e. e-freight,was born which is widely use in large-scale computer manaufacture,semiconductor factory.Its technology of varying voltage varying frequency reduce fault rate and accuratelanding fully meet the requirements for high smoothness in delivering precise products and frequently running.

◎ Smooth Running with High Precise Landing

Due to traditional freight adopts the comtrolling mode of PLC,its running speed has been limited,so that barrier blocking its smoothness and landing precision could not be overstepped.

However, Yungtay freight elevators adopts an unprecedented controlling mode of VVVF,supplemented by 32 bit DSP(digital signal processor).With its excellent numerating speed of high reliability and precision,proper frequency is worked out so as to reach smooth curve of speed characteristics,which ensure naturally smooth running of the lift.Moreover,the lowest landing error could avoid jerking the freight during landing.

◎ VVVF(varying voltage varying frequency)Technology

Under the control of AC frequency conversion,voltage and frequency of AC supplied to engine could be adjusted so as to strongly reduce power wastage of engine to the minimal value no matter lift’s speed.which got to obvious result in power-saving.Compares with general freight lift with PLC technology,the lift with VVVF technology can save about 50% power.and shrink the capacity of power equipment so as to achieve double benefits of saving both money and space.

◎ High Security and Low Exception Rate

Yungtay freight lift made a breakthrough in controlling mode by multi-computer controlled networks. Its has three main microcomputers for logical control,landings communication and lift cab communication respectively,and a supplementary microcomputer for signal process complex signal.

Therefore,what the new generation e-freight lift avoids that the traditional lift encounter the complexion of depending on PLC and supplementing byte unsuccessfully,which improve security,reduce fault rate obviously,and fit in with the situation of hourly loading or unloading goods and frequently running.

◎ Extensibility

Due to the adoption of microcomputer controlled technology of VVVF,Yungtay e-freight can own more ports and large ROM,so it can realize various functions compares wjth traditional controlling mode of PLC,if the volume is same,e-freight could realize more capacity of programming and more obvious extension advantage.

◎ Humanization

Freight is always accompanied with man,that’s why Yungtay firstly take into consideration humanization environmenu when she designs freight,in order to show clearly running direction, Yungtay fright especially equipped floor signal and landing monitor,certainly running state is also showerd in universal Chinese which is easy to read,such as maintaining,authority,and full load.Furthermore,when accident happens,it will display”Please dial XXX for emergency”.

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