Elevator Project

Elevator Introduction


◎ Hospital Bed Elevators

Based on the introduction of a new concept of LAN (Local Area Network),the complexity of the traditional connection way is dramatically reduced,so as to keep the elevator out of large amount of cables,further stepping into the unconstraint space of network communication.

◎ Multi-computer Controlled Elevator

Yungtay elevator break the traditional way from single-computer control to multi-computer control network.

Yungtay elevator own three main microcomputers for logic control,landings communication and cab communication respectively,and a supplementary microcomputer for processing signal as well.Furthermore, special microcomputers equipped in hoistway,cab and some positions between all of stations can simultaneously process complex signal.

◎ Interference-Proof Elevator

Due to wide application of electronic equipment nowdays,a large quantity of electromagnetic wave has been generated in space.Electromagnetic interference becomes a more and more serious problem to electronic equipments or system.If there is no limit to electromagnetic interference problem,it could lead to be out of normal control,even paralysis of the whole electronic equipment system.

Because bed elevator is widely unilized in the large-scale hospital equipped with high density of electronic equipments,Yungtay elevator specially adopt the measure to restrain interference.It applies electrical wave-filter BMI and suppressor CHOKE so as to reduce the interference to the minimal value,This technology has been proved by strict test and becomes leader in its field.

◎ High-efficiency Elevator
Running Open Function

Provided the nominal speed of elevators is constant,How to improve the transmission efficiency of the elevators? Yungtay levator has solved this problem by its unique Running Open function,which is dedicated to reduce the waiting time for passengers.namely opering function has been activated when Elevators are still un the leveling inching condition.

◎ High-tech Elevator
FPGA-Field Programmable Gate Array

With the increasingly improved function of elevator,the design of electronic circuit becomes too complicated and changeful for traditional logical components to be afforder.To solve this problem,Yungtay specially developed the up-to-date tech of FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array).It allows higher controlling speed and confidentiality,and provides an environmental concept of repeatable modification and power saving.

◎ DSP-32 Bit Digital Signal Processor

21st country is the era of digital communication.Yungtay elevator takes the lead in applying the digital technology in elevators by using the special DSP(Digital Signal Processor).It allows typical analog signal to be processed as high-speed digital signal.Its internal arithmetic is made of high-speed circuit of interative multiplication and addition,which is over ten times faster than other common processor in atithmetic speed.

◎ Man-to-machine interaction

Control panel in cab and landing monitor of the elevator are equipped with large-scale matrix red dot lights,which shows running direction of the elevator by dynamic arrow;landings button has the special function of answering passengers throught ringing when they call the elevator;when the landing button is pushed down,a soft beep will be heard to response to passengers’calling.

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