Elevator Project

Elevator Introduction


◎ Evolving Control System

Utilizes a modified modern technological control panel. Designed for logic and consolidation, it also is reduced in size, appealing in appearance, and VVVF frequency modulation controls make the elevator safer, smoother, and more stable.

◎ Convenient Maintenance and Repair

The elevator propulsion and control systems, being housed in an independent motor room, are convenient for installation, adjustment, testing, and future maintenance and repair work.

◎ Operational Situation Indicator

Eliminating man and machine’s misunderstandings, indicators are in simple to understand Chinese, such as Under Maintenance, In Use, or At Capacity. These indicators clearly show elevator operations. More importantly, when the elevator has a glitch, an immediate message is displayed, such as “Breakdown, please call XXXXXXXX”, allowing quick access to help.

◎ Responsive Buttons (Industry First)

Whether on the elevator cage control panel or on the boarding area indicator, amber colored indicators, an arrow indicating elevator operation direction, are displayed. The boarding area also features elevator call buttons with a response function. When the button is pressed the system automatically sends out a “beep” sound, letting waiting passengers know their request has been received.

◎ Coordinated Operation Door Machine (Industry First)

For a new era, high tech variable frequency coordinated door machines connect the elevator cage door with the waiting room door in increased fashion, effectively lowering outside air pressure and free particles’ effect on the elevator system breaking down. Additionally, it increases elevator cage rigidity, efficiency, lowering noise, and increasing elevator operational quality.

◎ Double Braking Feature (Industry First)

Utilizing an EN81 international standard conforming brake control system, double braking control, double protection, and outfitted with simple and clean machine design. Coordination increases the entire system’s stability and trustworthiness.

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