Yungtay shines onstage! 2019 Vietnam International Elevator Exhibition

Yungtay shines onstage! 2019 Vietnam International Elevator Exhibition


From November 20th to 22nd, 2019, the grand annual Vietnam International Elevator Exhibition was held in Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a well-known enterprise in the elevator industry, Yungtay was invited to this significant international event.


Vietnam has a population of 90 million or so, and its economy is developing rapidly. In 2018, the Vietnamese market sold about 12,000 elevators, including more than 3,000 imported refurbished elevators. In 2020, Vietnam’s market for new elevators is expected to reach 20,000. The processing and supporting capacity of the Vietnamese elevator industry is limited, and parts and components are basically dependent on imports. This Vietnam Elevator Exhibition built an ideal platform for communication and cooperation for Chinese elevator companies to further understand and integrate into Vietnam and the entire Southeast Asian market.

At this exhibition, Yungtay displayed solid strength and strong competitiveness. Our products included elevators, escalators and auto-walks, a full range of solutions to the operation of buildings and transportation locations. We had manufacturing bases covering Taiwan, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chengdu. Our high-end projects, such as Shanghai Tomson Yipin, Taiwan Dibao Building, Taiwan Hanshin Department Store and Taipei Metro, created a glamorous urban skyline one after another. In our promotional video, the concept of NEURAL Passenger Flow Intelligent Management System conveyed that Yungtay products were smarter, more energy-saving, and more comfortable. Our vertical transportation solutions attracted many potential customers for inquiries and were recognized by many partners.


Deeper Exchange and Closer Cooperation


Ever since the commencement of production, Yungtay has vigorously explored the export market. With our rich product series, first-class product quality, advanced safety technology and watertight maintenance services, we have gained brilliant results in the intensely competitive international market. So far, our products have been widely exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, Mexico and other places, and won the trust and favor of many users domestically and globally.

In the future, Yungtay will continue to focus on customer needs, adhering to our core beliefs: safety, quality and service, and strive to expand domestic and overseas markets. We are determined to provide as many proprietors and procurement units as we can with smarter, safer and more comfortable elevator and escalator solutions.

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