Company Introduction

Business Philosophy: Technology, Quality and Service above All

Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd., which is the first local elevator brand in Taiwan was established in July 1966. Above 50 years, we have retained our main value of stable expansion and progressive ideas.  Yungtay Engineering released the complete process of elevator design, production, installation, and maintenance which has established the basis for continuous growth.


By conscientiously maintaining excellent credit, providing complete service, persisting in making progress, and reaching towards perfection, Yungtay’s business range has expanded into global markets, including mainland China, and has earned recognition for continuous creating many successful and outstanding cases. All of these recognitions from our customers is the goal Yungtay pursuing

Highest technique

1.Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd., through continually investing finances, materials and resources, developing crucial skills, and constantly researching, developing and releasing new products, has established a remarkable reputation within the marketplace. 2.we have established a professional education and training center, building up every employee’s skills through complete and detailed planning in order to maintain our consistent position of highest acumen and ability.

Highest Quality

1.The overall operate of Yungtay, we constant expansion into modern automatic equipment, utilizing computerized administration systems. Through passing exacting quality control systems, to show the strong determination in environmental protection. 2.Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully passed global certification and obtained ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 affirmation, realizing Yungtay’s promise of Quality First.

Highest Service

1.Customers are Yungtay’s greatest esteem and assets. Presently Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. operates nationwide service stations, providing customers with the fastest service, information, and consultation.

2.In order to maintain customer safety and Yungtay’s quality guarantee, we continually improve all types of maintenance equipment, as well as utilizing the most exacting new scientific instruments to provide customers with the best product performance and service.

3.In today’s constantly competitive marketplace, Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. maintains “stable growth and continual business” as our motto, with quality and service building our “continual business” foundation. We always seek newness, progress, and expansion.

Building on 50 years of experience in giving high customer satisfaction and building modern progressive elevators, thus creating an independent brand with unlimited expansion potential.

Primary Products and Services

Elevators, food delivery machines, escalators, automatic sidewalks, central air conditioning units, elevator motor design, construction, sales, installation, repair, and maintenance.

Primary Services Department

Sales & ServicesAddressTelephoneFax
Headquarters11F., No.99, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-2-27172217886-2-27186082
Taoyuan FactoryNo.1352, Chunri Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-3-3254161886-3-3250990
Building Service SystemNo.6, Aly. 54, Ln. 63, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-2-27093355886-2-27095989
Taoyuan Branch companyNo.29, Lane 1314, Chunrih Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-3-3171879886-3-3460130
Taichung Branch company3F., No.98, Sec. 2, Dongsing Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-4-24727878886-4-24726621
Tainan Branch companyNo.18, Dongciao 1st Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 71083, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-6-3038600886-6-3038500
Kaohsiung Branch StationNo.200, Dashun 3rd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan (R.O.C.)886-7-7615161886-7-7213774


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