Corporate Governance

(I)Corporate Governance

Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. insists on transparent operation. We value the rights and interests of our shareholders, and believe that robust, efficient board of directors underpin exemplary corporate governance. Under this principle, Yungtay board is authorized to set up functional committees, such as an audit committee and a remuneration committee, to assist the directors in performing their supervisory and management duties. The constitution of each committee is approved by the board of directors, and the chairperson of each committee regularly reports its activities and resolutions to the board of directors.

2.Corporate Governance in Operation
The board of directors appointed Mr.Ming-Tsao,Liu, assistant manager of the Legal Affairs Department and the Corporate Governance Department, as the director of corporate governance, responsible for matters related to corporate governance, including legally handling matters related to the board of directors, the audit committee, the remuneration committee and annual shareholder meetings, assisting the directors in taking office and continuing education, providing information required by the directors to execute business, and aid the directors in complying with laws and regulations. Please refer to the item “III. Corporate Governance” of the annual report for the corporate governance director’s business execution.


Article of Incorporation

Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets (Including Financial Derivatives Transactions)

Procedures for Capital Lending to Others And Endorsements & Guarantees


Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles

Rules and Procedures of Board of Directors Meetings

Rules for Election of Directors

Code of Conducts For Directors, Supervisors and Managers

Rules Governing the Exercise of Powers by Independent Directors

Rules and Procedures of Shareholders' Meeting

Organizational Charter For The Auditing Committee

Compensation Committee Charter

Procedures for Internal Major Information Processing

Code of Ethical Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct

Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles

Measures for handling reports on illegal, immoral, and dishonest behaviors

Procedures for Halt and Resumption Applications

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