Elevator Project

Elevator Introduction


◎ Unintended Car Movement Protection (UCMP)

When the car moves unexpectedly as the doors open, the brakes immediately stop the elevator. The elevator will not return to its normal operation until maintenance professionals test and verify safety of passengers.

◎ Ascending Car Overspeed Protection (ACOP)

When the speed limiter detects that the speed of the ascending car exceeds the limit, the brakes will be activated to stop the elevator immediately.

◎ Braking Force Automatic Detection System

The braking force is detected daily, when the elevator carries no passengers, to simulate power shortage. It is to determine if the motor outputs a specific torque and the main steel wheel shifts slightly when power is not supplied to the brake coil. This daily simulation ensures reliable, effective brakes.

◎ Infrared Light Curtain (Recommended Standard Equipment)

The traditional mechanical safety track of the car doors is fully upgraded to infrared light curtain. This upgrade automatically detects obstacles while the doors are closing to provide greater safety.

◎ LED Green Energy-saving Advanced Lighting (Recommended Standard Equipment)

The elevator lighting is fully upgraded to LED. The new illumination is highly efficient and energy-saving, has low frequency flash and a long life, and creates no mercury pollution. We bring you a greener, better home.

◎ Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Synchronous Door Machine System (Recommended Standard Equipment)

The permanent magnet motor is high in intelligence and efficiency while low in noise. It has motor parameters and magnetic pole self-learning technology, rendering the last section of door closing fast and smooth. Swift, spot-on, and silent.

◎ Humanized Intelligent Control

We adopt high-performance permanent magnet motors to optimize the design. Our products are designed in a way that reduces the vibration and noise of the motor and incorporates structure-reinforced double brakes to guarantee a smooth, comfortable ride.

◎ Design Aimed at Comfort, Stability and Low-noise

Our exclusive 32-bit digital speed control ensures high-performance speed, along with the current loop control, for the elevator in operation to be stable and reliable and for passengers to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing ride.

◎ Power-saving and Eco-friendly

Our products are designed to reduce energy consumption. The gearless design does not require additional oil change while significantly reducing the noise and vibration from the operating elevator.

◎ High-efficiency Energy Feedback Device (Optional)

The load of traditional braking resistor is replaced by the conversion of regenerated energy to heat energy. The renewable power is fed back to the grid for reuse. The power factor is increased whereas the interference of harmonic waves is decreased.

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