Flexible Management


Fi (Flexible intelligence) is not only an internal furnishings and external appearance change, most importantly is a major computer system change for the new era of intelligent elevators.

Progress, Wisdom, and Technology

Our elevators are no longer merely transportation tools. Through the many years of experience of our elevator design engineers and the use of Fuzzy Logic and the Expert System, The FI intelligent group management system provides passengers more comfort and space, less waiting time, and increased safety.

The daily flow of people in and out of buildings changes at times, and elevator usage at different times also changes. The group management system is able to accommodate passenger flow changes, increasing transportational adjustment abilities, and provide smooth operational service.

◎ Peak usage period increased operational abilities (i.e. initial request first service, and full load direct delivery control)
◎ Elevator call scheduling ability (scheduled call light and chime)
◎ Elevator estimated arrival features (elevator arrival estimate light and chime)
◎ Building special transportation learning ability (automatically shortens door closing time)
◎ Individualized multi-goal control
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