Group Introduction

Years of solid foundation, Yungtay has systematically constructed a mechanical and electronics world.

Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd was established in the 1960’s as Taiwan’s economic development began to flourish. From beginnings as agents for elevator products, to importing elevator technology, and finally as independent developers of elevator technology, Yungtay was the first to begin domestic design, construction, installation, and maintenance of elevators, becoming Taiwan’s first independent brand of elevator technology and entering the international marketplace through exports.

In the past 50 years as Taiwan’s skyline has increased vertically, all types of multi-function skyscrapers have been constructed. Yungtay has unceasingly developed new technologies and a variety of products to fulfill both domestic and international market needs. Through a solid foundation of skills and technology and a far-reaching vision, we have consistently expanded our business directions, making our company both flourishing and profitable, becoming the leadership of mechanical and electronics world.

Though a pluralist management philosophy, Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd aggressively pursues both mechanical and electrical engineering fields, beginning with our original elevator production, progressing to automobile climate control systems, introducing mechanical support systems; skyscraper design, engineering and supervision software; and professional design and construction of accurate electronic SMT equipment, which has helped Yungtay successfully complete the leap to the high tech electronic mechanical industry. In 1993, Shanghai Yungtay Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd. Was established in Shanghai, which become the important foundation for developing mainland Chinese domestic market.

Yungtay Elevator Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993




In the wake of technology’s maturation and expanding business opportunities, Yungtay has expanded technology to the densely populated metropolis of Shanghai by establishing Yungtay’s Shanghai factory. Main products include elevators, escalators, elevator upgrading, parking equipment, etc. Apart from managing the mainland Chinese domestic market, sales in other foreign markets have also been expanded.

Yungtay Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.



Date of Establishment:1998

Yungtay has always provided first-class construction machinery products to the national industry since it began to act as an agent of Hitachi Construction Machinery. For its outstanding quality of the imported equipment and the attitude paying much attention to the after service as it always does, it has abundant pats stock and provides clients prompt maintenance service. Thus, it also successfully re-invested and established Yungtay Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. In 1998.

Evest Corporation



Date of Establishment:1999


Because of the prevalent use of the computers and vigorous development of the electronic industry, Yungtay founded Evest Corporation in 1999 to develop high-tech precise SMT equipment(surface mounting technique) which includes bending itself to the development and being the agent of the international famous equipment, and providing more competitive equipment and service for the clients of the electronic industry and semiconductor production. In addition, Evest Corporation has took actively participant in the cooperation with and research of the production of the high-tech electronic equipment.

Công ty thang máy YUNGTAY in Vietnam

Elevators thang máy thang may /Escalators thang cuốn thang cuon

Yungtay – Vietnam Branch

Date of Establishment:2007


Tel: (84)-28-62969454

With the growth of regional economic integration in the world, the common market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has been established, which result in the prosperity develop of Vietnam’s economy.

In view of this, Yungtay aggressively invested in southeast Asia, explored the new markets and get ahead of the elevator industry. With the persistence of innovation and quality of our products and services, the brand of Yungtay and our excellent service has earned reputation and recognition from the world.

Shanghai Evest Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment: 2005

Tel: (86)-21-57632779

Fax: (86)-21-57632783


The mission to establish is to create a win-win situation with our customer by using the leading integration technique, innovating superior process equipment and accomplish the key process claim.

International quality management systems: ISO 9001

Main product and service: Assemble equipment such as chip mounter machine, LED lens dispensing robot, CCM/CIS, radio frequency identification devices ,CMOS camera module, etc.

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