Employee Protection

  • ◎ Yungtay has been ISO 45001 certified.
  • ◎ Safe workplaces are ensured in accordance with the regulations of labor safety and health facilities.
  • ◎ Qualified operating tools and machines are provided.
  • ◎ Fire safety equipment is serviced every year.
  • ◎ Electromechanical equipment is inspected by professional technicians for safety every month.
  • ◎ Annual health check-ups are provided for employees.
  • ◎ Drinking water is tested for optimal quality every year.
  • ◎ Safety education and training and disaster preparedness exercises are conducted every year.
  • ◎ The Labor Safety and Health Code of Practice is given to employees.
  • ◎ The company's internal website has a safety and health area where operating safety guidelines and technical manuals are available. Other types of information can also be found, such as safety and health promotion, labor safety and health education and training, the latest occupational safety laws, etc., to allow employees to check anytime.
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