Human Rights Policy

To uphold the basic human rights of our employees, we create an environment that flawlessly protects human rights. We comply with relevant labor laws. We acknowledge and support the principles stated in international human rights treaties, such as The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights,The United Nations Global Compact and The International Labour Organization Conventions. We respect internationally recognized basic human rights, including freedom of association. In practice, we care for disadvantaged groups, prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor of any form, eliminate workplace and employment discrimination, and put an end to all violations of human rights. All our employees are treated fairly and respectfully.

Our company is committed to safeguarding human rights in accordance with the following principles:

◎ Honoring human rights in the workplace

Our management mechanism guarantees equal opportunities of salary and promotion for all employees. We ensure that no employee is subject to discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment in any way due to race, nationality, gender, religious belief, age, or political stance.

◎ Providing a safe working environment

Our company conforms to relevant regulations, formulating the Labor Safety and Health Code of Practice and establishing the Labor Safety and Health Committee. We continue to improve the working environment and safety and health conditions to reduce occupational hazards and protect the mental and physical health of our employees. We examine safety and health risks on a regular basis in the interest of our employees, and then draw up improvement plans accordingly.

◎ Keeping communication channels open

Our company supports employees in organizing and joining unions by law to exercise their labor rights. In addition, we maintain clear communication avenues with unions and employees to build a harmonious labor-management relationship for a healthy workplace.

◎ Fulfilling information security requirements

To flawlessly protect the privacy of all our clients and stakeholders, we have constructed a thought-through information security management mechanism. In doing so, we follow stringent control standards and protective measures.

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