The passion of maintaining “Highest Service” and “Highest Quality”

1. Yungtay’s after-sales service and maintenance introduction
Maintenance work is, simply stated, “cleaning, inspection, adjustment, and lubrication.” Yungtay’s professional after-sales service and maintenance task plan ensures that every elevator, according to model, speed, height, and capacity characteristics, receives full year maintenance work. Every service engineer works according to yearly tasks plans to ensure timely and completed maintenance work is accomplished. Thoughtful plan is the commitment of “Highest service” and “Highest quality”.
2. Yearly maintenance plan

Yungtay’s yearly maintenance plan is separated and completed based on two maintenance plans:
◎The fixed scheduled maintenance task plan:
A. The monthly maintenance tasks and plans:
According to the scheduled task work, the major is elevator cleaning, inspecting, adjusting and lubricating.
B. The Yearly maintenance task plan:
According to improvement maintenance task plans: inspect and replace elevator critical parts must be accurate and safety.
◎The timed period maintenance task plan:
A. All parts are inspected and replaced based on their expected life. These tasks are planned for different periods of the operations adjustment plan, according to the operation time of each elevator and the appropriate work contents, to ensure the most fitting maintenance.
B. Brake system maintenance: The brake system is the most important part of an elevator’s safety system. Therefore, we are adjusted according to their particular system operating time recommendations, and have maintenance completed at the appropriate times.

3. TR M/C Gear oil replacement
It is regularly inspected by TR M/C gear oil with instrument, accordance with inspection result to ensure the replace maintenance.
4. The yearly maintenance inspection
Quality Assurance Department will assign specialists to inspect irregularly.
5. Interior inspection quality contest

A. regularly held inspection quality contest which the evaluation group team up with section managers and supervisors.
B. In Yungtay’s maintenance task plan, besides above maintenance plan, we have a series of complete investigation and inspection system: In order to fit the demand of different kinds of model, product adjustment and technical skills, every technician in Yungtay must get a additional yearly technique education course beside the regular new employee orientation. Relevant personnel will get training in Luzhu training center and obtain the technician certification. Furthermore, Yungtay build a complete spare parts supply system. All of these systems compose the strong maintenance group in Yungtay.

6. After-sales service and maintenance tasks computerized

A. Following the progress of technological developments, Yungtay has made maintenance tasks computerized by utilizing mobile technology within the task system, which provide elevator monitor system, instructions for technicians, improve the quality of maintenance and internet logistic support.
B. Reduced Service employees’ paperwork loading, increase more time in on-site maintenance.
C. Customer requested service records will not be lost. Completely and immediately accomplish customers’ assignments.
D. On-site assistance of employees to analyze problems. Eliminates the possibility of under experienced employees making misjudgments.
E. Post-service information system automated, reducing employees time in locating service task information.
F. Maintenance task plans, progress, and management automated.
G. Important technical information and manager’s instructions are available for instant reading.
H. Assists large scale disaster emergency repair service information management.

“The highest technique, quality and service” is the permanent persistence in Yungtay. Whether in elevator design, installation or trials, or after-sale system, all aspects of service are enhanced, making elevator usage comfortable, safe for riders, and placing our full year focus on customers.
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