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Customer need focused production design ideas
Elevators are highly individualized products, adding to increasingly modern building’s functional needs. The Taoyuan plant has a powerful design group to serve in customer advising, and professionally designing customized high quality products. This includes elevator planning and design, building circulation breakdowns, disaster prevention control functions designs, resident privacy protection, intelligent building design and related functions planning and design.
Quality and Environmental Safety and Cleanliness Production System

Strengthening the elevator production system, increasing competitiveness, and carrying out high quality production while maintaining environmental responsibility are important. In November 1993 we obtained ISO9001 certification, in March 1999 we obtained ISO14001 certification, in January 2002 we obtained Ohsas18001 certification, and in December 2019 we obtained ISO 45001 Certification. We Pay attention to quality, environmental, safety and hygiene. Through teamwork we walk on the front edge of modern trends, and through international standards, we establish complete production management with a spirit of progress and respect, building a successful business model.

Challenging Short Period Production Ability
Built to Order Elevators, from ordering to managing product delivery, are computer monitored in coordination with the sheet metal automatic production system, and through complete parts factory assistance, enabling short term product completion, including installation, testing, and transfer to client.
Rider Safety and Trust Assurance
No matter in skyscrapers or apartment buildings, elevators have become an essential transportation tool and depend heavily on safety and trustworthiness. The Taoyuan plant operates an elevator research tower and an elevator descent testing tower. Before new machines enter the market, all are exactingly tested for functionality, safety, and trustworthiness, giving riders assurance and protection.
Constant Progress and Advancement Activities
To achieve the ideal of providing customers with outstanding products and technical support, the Taoyuan plant continually enacts the following improvement activities: 3D draft systems, flow improvement, TPM, 5S exercises, and lowering product prices.
Homonization Management
Respecting employee rights and observing working standards, the Taoyuan plant implements inner-plant product inspection and full employee population improvement activities, on a time card-less schedule. By measuring and exciting employee’s hidden talents and creativity, we create a united environment and expand our spirit of teamwork.
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