Quality of Prime Craftsmanship YUNGTAY celebrates the shipment of its 80,000th elevator

The booming cross-strait housing market this year (2020) has boosted the demand for elevators. YUNGTAY has received a full order, and a ceremony was held on Wednesday, November 11, at the Taoyuan factory to celebrate the shipment of its 80,000th elevator from Taiwan. General Manager Shangyu Tsai said, “On the eve of our 55th anniversary, YUNGTAY is shipping its 80,000th elevator, making YUNGTAY the first elevator manufacturer in Taiwan to achieve this goal. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the employees, especially to those who have been working hard day and night to deliver the elevators at the Taoyuan factory. Thank you for your hard work.”


General Manager Shangyu Tsai pointed out, “YUNGTAY will enter its 55th year next year. It is our insistence on the motto of ‘Technology First, Quality First, Service First’ that enables YUNGTAY to maintain its position as the number one elevator manufacturer in Taiwan.”


The remarkable history of the Taoyuan factory includes the establishment of the first tallest elevator research tower in Taiwan, the first self-made and self-assembled AC dual-inverter elevator in Taiwan, the first self-made worm screw and worm wheel machine in Taiwan, the first self-developed permanent-magnet motor machine in Taiwan, and the self-made fastest 240m/min elevator in Taiwan. Recently, YUNGTAY has become the first company in Taiwan to obtain the highest level of EU 5A energy-saving certification and the smartest and safest E PASS equipment system. Both results are credited to the YUNGTAY Taoyuan factory, so the Taoyuan factory can be said to be the epitome of Taiwan’s elevator history, playing a pivotal role.


General Manager Shangyu Tsai expressed his pride in witnessing this historic moment today, seeing YUNGTAY’s elevator shipment exceed 80,000 units. This is the achievement and pride that YUNGTAY has passed down from generation to generation. He further expected all YUNGTAY employees to adhere to the three Firsts, pursuing innovation constantly and working conscientiously, to bring YUNGTAY to another unprecedented glory together.
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