Employee Retirement System

◎ Our company handles pensions for retired employees in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. We regularly allocate labor retirement pensions. The allocation proportion increased to 15% in January, 2016. We have formed the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee to supervise the process. At the end of the year, we hire an actuary to ensure sufficient pension liabilities. The new labor retirement system has been implemented since July 1, 2005. For those who choose the new system, our company sets allocates 6% of the employee’s monthly salary to the pension account.

◎ To show our appreciation, we award a memorial medal and NT$8,000 in cash to every retiring employee.

◎ For employees who have been with us for one year or longer, we regularly allocate a fixed sum to the purchase of our company stocks every quarter. When they retire, employees can choose to reclaim or sell their shares for greater life security in retirement.

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