The company’s governance performance works out.  Governance evaluation results go to a higher level.

The company’s governance performance works out. 

Governance evaluation results go to a higher level.


The securities and futures institute declared the ranking of corporate governance evaluation, which revealed that the standing of our company continued to progress to the first 21%-35% in the current year (2020.) Looking back from the first 51%-65% of the fifth (2018) and the first 36%-50% of the sixth (2019) to such brilliant achievements this year, it shows that our company adheres to the spirit of pursuing excellence and has been working hard in corporate governance for a long time.


Our company integrates an international system to shape corporate governance culture. We have focused on the five main principles to continuously improve our legal compliance and corporate governance projects of “strengthening the functions of the board of directors,” “improving information transparency,” “strengthening the communication among stakeholders to create a good channel for interaction,” “conforming to international norms and guiding due diligence governance,” and “deepening the culture of sustainable corporate governance.” In recent years, our specific implementation projects include the establishment of an integrity management committee and an information security committee, the formulation of performance evaluation methods for directors, the comprehensive updating of the official website in both Chinese and English, the enhancement of information transparency and the establishment of communication channels for stakeholders, the emphasis on environmental issues such as wastewater, waste and greenhouse gas emissions; committed to practicing green energy technology to create a new generation of environmental protection; expanding social participation and deepening sustainable development, and the preparation of corporate social responsibility reports. As a result of these efforts, the corporate governance performance continues to move forward to a new higher level.


However, our company will not be complacent. In the future, we will continue to improve our corporate governance, led by professional managers to establish an efficient leadership team and make untiring efforts to create the best interests of shareholders and achieve sustainable development goals.
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