The Ministry of Economic Affairs selected YUNGTAY ENGINEERING as ” the 6th Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award.”

Congratulations to YUNGTAY on being selected as “the 6th Potential Taiwan Mittelstand Award” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2021. In the follow-up, YUNGTAY will use the resources, preferential counseling measures, and performance tracking provided by “the Mittelstand visiting service group” (established by the Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA). To further enhance its international competitiveness and accelerate its progress towards an excellent Mittelstand.


(Concept of a Mittelstand: referring to the definition of invisible champions in Germany and considering the characteristics of industrial development of Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs defines a Mittelstand as follows: appropriate scale, solid basic technology, and technologically unique and critical in a specific field. Highly competitive in the international market, and use domestic as the primary business or production base.)


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