YUNGTAY elevator won the EU 5A the highest award of energy-saving seal



YUNGTAY Engineering Co., Ltd., (1507), the domestic elevator manufacturer, today obtained the highest 5A level certification of the European Union’s new elevator green energy-saving efficiency seal “VDI 4707” because of making the elevator more energy-efficient and extending the service life. The general manager of YUNGTAY Shang Yu Tsai said, “5A represents the highest power saving level, in which we are the only one industry to reach the standard in Taiwan. We have tested it that can save up to 50% of electricity. YUNGTAY is also always known for its safety and high quality. On this basis, people take the YUNGTAY elevator except for security, also has the advantages of epidemic prevention, reduction of infection risk, and high efficiency and energy saving. It fully meets the needs of the new generation.


Shang Yu Tsai said that current mainstream elevator manufacturers around the world are following the regulations and standards set by the European Union, including safety and energy saving. Except profound working into both sides of the Straits, YUNGTAY will also actively explore markets in Southeast Asia and other places. Obtaining “VDI 4707” EU’s highest energy-saving 5A certification this time means that YUNGTAY corresponds to the new trend of green elevators that is more competitive in the future.


Shang Yu Tsai stated the passenger elevator that YUNGTAY sent for inspection this time, with a rated load of 2000 kg, set a lifting speed of 4 meters per second, and 365 days of operation, which finally measured A-level energy efficiency. “The devil is in the details.” Shang Yu Tsai added that get the power saving seal A is not hard for the elevator. However, it subdivides into five grades in the A level, from the first with much low use frequency and intensity to the fifth with high use frequency. YUNGTAY straightly challenges the highest one. It passes the test in a complex field such as an office building or hospital with a height of more than 100 meters with an average running time of six hours per day. The highest comparison can save before and after 50% of electricity consumption.


YUNGTAY said that the current standard elevator energy consumption is only about B or C level according to the actual machine test and analysis. It is necessary to add an energy feedback device to reach the A level, and the cost of this device only accounts for about 3% of the price of the new elevator. For customers who pay attention to energy consumption, they can specify the selection of specifications. This time, YUNGTAY Engineering Co., Ltd. commissioned the EU-certified TÜV Rheinland to the test to the Y12 series of products. It took eight weeks to complete, and the effect will last for three years to June 30, 2023.

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