Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. Press Conference Advanced Deployment, Composite All-round +0 Epidemic Precautionary Elevators

            Optimistic about post-COVID-19 business opportunities of “zero contact”, Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. has deployed ahead of time, devoted to research and integration for the first composite all-round +0 anti-epidemic elevator in Taiwan. A press conference was held on June 2, 2020 to display this new product officially and accept orders. General manager Shang Yu Tsai pointed out in his speech, “We considered the importance of “zero touch” anti-epidemic products for passengers as early as the beginning of the outbreak. The voice-controlled elevator particularly drew attention during the test phase. Many construction companies expressed strong interest and planned to launch anti-epidemic housing to increase consumer willingness to purchase properties and enhance house value. Therefore, it is estimated that the epidemic prevention elevator will contribute 5-10% to the growth in the annual order target.”


         Yungtay composite all-round +0 anti-epidemic elevator is divided into two categories: contactless, and multiple sterilization and disinfection technology in the car. The contactless category includes noncontact button induction calling, gesture car-calling, voice-control car calling, infrared light curtain, and so on. When taking the elevator up or down to the destination floor, passengers do not need to touch any button. Even when the elevator doors are about to close, emergency opening is activated by infrared induction, not by passengers touching any button. This way, passengers avoid the risk of bacterial infection from contact. In the elevator, we purchase Japan’s SHARP Plasmacluster ion air purifier. This model is of the professional anti-epidemic level, effectively removing viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde and PM 2.5. It is the only model that simultaneously releases positive and negative ions to eradicate bacteria during purification and reduction. In addition, an ultraviolet sterilization lamp is installed in the elevator, along with an induction protection device. When the elevator is idle, the sterilization is automatically turned on. When someone, something or a light source is sensed, the sterilization is immediately inactivated to prevent ultraviolet damage.


              The elevator is not only an important vertical transportation vehicle but also a key medium for virus transmission. In the early stage of the epidemic, therefore, Yungtay promptly started comprehensive disinfection service for its elevators during maintenance. We were also pondering how to develop a foolproof all-round anti-epidemic product to provide a clean and safe environment for passengers. After months of research and development, Yungtay successfully integrated a number of new technologies and innovative intelligent solutions. Now we provide a variety of all-round anti-epidemic solutions for different environments, such as hospitals, residences and commercial offices.

             Additionally, Yungtay Cultural and Educational Charity Foundation, represented by President Rui Xuan Hsu, donated NT$800,000 to Taichung Kuang Tien General Hospital and National Chiao Tung University Department of Computer Science for future anti-epidemic elevator equipment to protect passengers from exposure to epidemic risks. President Rui Xuan Hsu said, “Yungtay Cultural and Educational Charity Foundation was cofounded by Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. founder Mr. Yun Xia Hsu and Taiwan Calsonic Co., Ltd. founder Mr. Zuo Dian Hsu. Since its establishment nearly three decades ago, it has given back to the society indefinitely. I believe that the two seniors would be gratified to see the results today.”


Ren Huo Chang, Head of General Affairs at Kuang Tien General Hospital, said that the advent of the epidemic preparedness elevator could greatly reduce the likelihood of contact infection at hospitals and had positive effect on epidemic prevention. He expressed gratitude for Yungtay Foundation’s donation.


Many large builders, including Hezhu, CMP Pujen, Pauian, Chonghong and other construction companies, attended the Yungtay Anti-epidemic Elevator Press Conference today. They all showed keen interest in the anti-epidemic elevator after the firsthand experience.


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